Combo Sprocket Nose Bar + Chisel Chain Stihl 18" .063" .325" 68DL

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Raisman corporation

RAISMAN is a global supplier in the outdoor power equipment parts industry.
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Combo Sprocket Nose Bar + Chisel Chain Stihl 18"

Fits Model:
Stihl: 021, 025, 025C, 70, MS 230, MS 230 C, MS 230 C-BE, MS 241 C-M, MS 250, MS 250 C, MS 250 C-BE, MS 251, MS 251 C, MS 251 C-BE

Pitch: .325"
Gauge: .063"
Drive Links: 68
Bar Length: 18"
Bar Nose Radius Small̴Ì_
Sprocket Nose Tooth Count: 10

This 18" guide bar and chain combination features a .325" chain ideal for occasional commercial users.

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