Air Filter Kohler Repl OEM 25 083 01-S Kawasaki 11013-7020
Air Filter Kohler Repl OEM 25 083 01-S Kawasaki 11013-7020
Air Filter Kohler Repl OEM 25 083 01-S Kawasaki 11013-7020
Air Filter Kohler Repl OEM 25 083 01-S Kawasaki 11013-7020
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Air Filter Kohler Repl OEM 25 083 01-S Kawasaki 11013-7020

0.4 lb
8 In stock
4 Cycle Engines
BIN 249/130/292/280/287
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Air Filter for Kohler / Kawasaki

Replaces OEM:
Ariens 00181071, 21536900, 21537000, 21538600, 21548800
Bobcat 4114746, 4164630, 6672467
Briggs & Stratton 4235, 841497
Case/New Holland 86519866, 86549700, 87300178, 87682988, SBA314431176
CaseI H86401594, 87300178, 87300179
Caterpillar 1213661, 1467472
Clark Equipment 6672467
Club Car 102498601
Dixie Chopper 900610
Exmark 103-1327
E-Z-G O72987G01
Ferris 5022892X1, 5023141, 5102126X3, 841237
Grasshopper 100936
Gravely 21536900, 21537000, 21538600, 21548800
Grove 9304100193
Hustler 785261
Hyundai GG1-104170
Jacobsen 5000919
John Deere M131802, M144100, M164264, M170281, MIU12457, PMAF25551, RG60690
Kawasaki 11013-7020, 11013-7044
Kohler 25 083 01, 25 083 01-S
Komatsu 119808-12520, 129619-12520, 3EA-01-A5390
Kubota K7561-82860, R1411-42270, TA040-93230, TC620-93230
Land Pride 839-323C
Snapper Pro 5101543
Toro 108-3810, 98-9763
Vermeer 224258007
Wacker 0112502, 0160171
Woods 75214
Yamaha G057512

Fits Model:
Bobcat S70, 463, 553, 553F, 553AF, 553AF/BF Skid Steer, 325, 325D, 325G, 328, 328G, 329, 425, 428,463, 553F, E32 and E35 Excavators, 463 and 553 Loaders, D1005 Engine, 2200 and 2300 Utility Vehicles, ZT223, ZT225, ZT120, ZT227, Predator PRO and Fastcat series
Briggs & Stratton 540000 and 610000 series
Case D25, D33, D35, D40, D45, DX25, DX26, DX31, DX34, DX35, DX40 and DX45 Compact Tractor, 31, 35, DX29, Farmall DX33 Farmall and Scout XL
Caterpillar 301.5, 301.6, 301.8, 302.5, 303, 303.5, 303C CR, 304, 304.5, 304C CR, 304CR, 305 and 305CR Excavator; CB214D, CB214E, CB22, CB224D, CB224E, CB225D, CB225E, CB24, CB32, CB334D, CB334E, CB335D, CB335E, CB34, CB355D, CC24 and CC34 Compactor, 3013, 3014 and Engine
Club Car Carryall 294 and XRT 1500, gas, 2004-2006
Ditchwitch JT520 Jet Trac and FX30 Vacuum Excavation Unit
E-Z-G OST 4x4, 2005 and newer
Ferris 1000Z series, IS2000Z and IS3100Z
Gravely PM252Z, PM260Z and PM272Z
Jacobsen LF-3400 and LF-3800
John Deere 2305, 2320, 2520, 2720, 3005, 4005, 4200, 4210, 4300, 4310, 4400, 4410, 4500, 4510, 4600, 4610, 4700, 4710 and 990 Compact Tractor, 50C ZTS and 50D ZTS Excavator, 35C ZTS, 35D ZTS and 35ZTS Excavator, 717, 727, 737, 777, 797, 997, 1420, 1435, 1445, 1545, 1565, 997, Z810A, Z820A, Z840A, Z850A, Z910A, Z930A, Z920M, Z925M, Z930M, Z920R, Z930R, Z960R, Z970R
Kawasaki FD750D, FD791D, FH601D, FH641D, FH680D, FH721D, FH601V-FH721V, FH770D, FX651V, FX691V, FX730V and FX1000V; for 25 HP engines
Kohler C940-C980, CH18-CH1000, CV16-CV1000, LH630-LH775 and LV625-LV680; for 16-26 HP engines
Komatsu FG30SHT Lift Truck, PC25R-8, PC27 MR-2, PC27MR-2, PC27MRx-1, PC27R-8, PC30-8, PC30MRX-1, PC30R-8, PC35MR-2, PC35R-8, PC35R-8E, PC40MR-2, PC40R-8, PC45R-8, PC50MR-2 and PC58UU-3 Excavator; SK815-5 Skid Steer; WA30-5 Loader
Kubota L2501D, L2501F, L2501H, L2800DT, L2800F, L2800HST, L2900DT, L2900DTGST, L2900F, L3010DT, L3010F, L3010GST, L3010HST, L3130DT, L3130F, L3130GST, L3130HST, L3200DT, L3200F, L3200H, L3240DT, L3240DT3, L3240F, L3240F3, L3240GST, L3240GST3, L3240HST, L3240HST3, L3240HSTC, L3240HSTC3, L3300DT, L3300DTGST, L3300F, L3301DT, L3301F, L3301H, L3400DT, L3400F, L3400HST, L3410DT, L3410GST, L3410HST, L3430DT, L3430GST, L3430HST, L3430HSTC, L3540GST, L3540GST3, L3540HST, L3540HST3, L3540HSTC, L3540HSTC3, L3560DT, L3560GST, L3560HST, L3560HSTC, L3600DT, L3600DTC, L3600DTGST, L3600DTGSTC, L3700SU, L3710DT, L3710DTGST, L3710DTHST, L3710DTHSTC, L3710GST, L3710HST, L3800DT, L3800F, L3800H, L3830DT, L3830F, L3830GST, L3830HST, L39 Indust/Const, L3901DT, L3901F, L3901H, L3940DT, L3940DT3, L3940GST, L3940GST3, L3940HST, L3940HST3, L3940HSTC, L3940HSTC3, L4200DT, L4200DTC, L4200DTGST, L4200DTGSTC, L4200F, L4200FC, L4200FGST, L4240DT, L4240DT3, L4240GST, L4240GST3, L4240HST, L4240HST3, L4240HSTC, L4240HSTC3, L4300DT, L4300F, L4310DT, L4310DTGST, L4310DTGSTC, L4310DTHST, L4310DTHSTC, L4310F, L4330DT, L4330GST, L4330HST, L4330HSTC, L4400DT, L4400F, L4400H, L45 Indust/Const, L4600DT, L4600F, L4600H, L4610DTGST, L4610DTHST, L4610DTHSTC, L4630DT, L4630GST, L4630GSTC, L4630HST, L8419, L8439, R420S Loader, RTV1100CR, RTV1100CR9, RTV1100CRX, RTV1100CW, RTV1100CW9, RTV1100CWX, RTV900G, RTV900G6, RTV900G9, RTV900R6, RTV900R9, RTV900RSD, RTV900RSDL, RTV900T, RTV900T2, RTV900T5H, RTV900T6, RTV900T9, RTV900W, RTV900W6, RTV900W6SE, RTV900W8SE, RTV900W9, RTV900W9SE, RTV900XTG, RTV900XTR, RTV900XTS, RTV900XTT, RTV900XTW, V4272
Kubota L2501D, L2501F, L2501H, L3130F, L3200DT/F/H, L3300DT, L3400DT, L8419 and L8439; and L2800, L2900, L3240, L3450, L3560, L3600, L3700, L3710, L3800, L3830, L3940, L4200, L4240, L4300, L4310, L4330, L4400, L4600, L4610 , L4630, RTV1100 and RTV900 series
New Holland 1530, 1630, 1725, 1925, 2035,T1510, T2210, T2220, T2310, T2320, T2330, TC25, TC25D, TC29, TC29D, TC29DA, TC31DA, TC33, TC33D, TC33DA, TC34DA, TC35, TC35A, TC35D, TC35DA, TC40, TC40A, TC40D, TC40DA, TC45, TC45A, TC45D and TC45DA tractor; 3040, 3045, 3050 and 8N boomer
Skyjack SJ8831 (Rough Terrain), SJ8841 (Rough Terrain) and SJ9250 (Rough Terrain)
Snapper Pros 200
Toro Z Master 200 series and mid mount zero turn mowers, Reelmaster 5200D, 5210, 5400D, 5410, 5500D, 5510, Groundsmaster 322D, 328D, 3280D, 3320, 3500D, 3505D, 7200, 7210, ProCore Processor, Hydroject 3010 and Multi Pro 5700D
Vermeer RT450, RTX450, D7x11 Navigator and D7x11A Navigator
Wacker RT82SC, CRT48-35L, RD16, RT56SC and RT56SC2
WoodsF27, FZ23B, FZ25D and FZ258
Yanmar 3TNE78-G1A, 3TNE78-G2A, 3TNE78-SA, 3TNE82A, 3TNE84-G1A, 3TNE84-G2A, 3TNE84-SA, 3TNE84T, 3TNE88-G1A, 3TNE88-SA, 4TNE84-G1A, 4TNE84-G2A , 4TNE84T (2.0L), 4TNE88-G1A and 4TNE88-SA (2.2L) Engines, V4-5 and V4-5A Loader; VIO20-2, VIO20-3, VIO27-2, VIO35-3, VIO40-2A, VIO45-5, VIO50-2, VIO50-2A, VIO50-3 and VIO55-5 Excavator

ID 2 1/2"
OD 4 1/8"
Height 10 3/4"
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